How can community colleges go from serving some students in effective programs, to expanding those programs to more students, and finally reach most of those who can benefit from them? MDC's guidebook, More to Most, is a practical response to that question. Watch the slide show to the right to learn more about the process or to download a copy of More to Most click here.

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Jackson Community College in Jackson, MI, recently used the More to Most guidebook in its decision to expand three student success initiatives. Using the strategies outlined in More to Most, faculty, staff, and administrators at Jackson demonstrated the program's effectiveness and connected that success to the college's strategic plan. They examined the expansion's budget implications, how it would be evaluated, and created a work plan. Finally, they examined the policy implications of the expansion. The undertaking involved deep conversations among faculty, student services, and business office staff, and the resulting plan is a great example of how More to Most can be customized to dovetail with any college's specific needs or culture.

» Click here to download a copy of More to Most. «

About MDC
MDC, creator of More to Most and managing partner of the Developmental Education Initiative (DEI), is a nonprofit based in Durham, N.C., that has worked for nearly 50 years to help organizations and communities remove the barriers that separate people from opportunity. MDC's work integrates education, employment, and asset-building to help more people stay in school, get a credential, and find living-wage work.

More to Most was developed with generous funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Lumina Foundation, as part of the Developmental Education Initiative, an $18 million initiative to scale up effective developmental education practices at community colleges. To learn more about MDC's other work to connect people to education, employment, and economic security, visit our website. Please send specific questions about More to Most to

More to Most is designed by Lauren Norwood and illustrated by V.C. Rogers. Copyright ©2012 MDC